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Why You Should Treat Your First Client Like A King

Treat your first client like a king

Would you let a lawyer handle your case if he just finish law school?

Probably not

Would you let a painter paint your house who you know just started his business and have no experience?

I don’t think so even if you let him do it

You would be worried, thinking about everything that will go wrong

The paint may not be as good as you want

The design will not be according to your expectations

When you start a new business

It’s the same for your first client

Your client is worried and thinking about everything that can go wrong

Because you have no experience

Even if you do have the experience you don’t have credibility your first client is not confident that you can deliver

When your first client hires you for the services that you deliver

Make sure to treat him like a KING

Treat the client like a king

Because he could have hired someone else

But he chooses you over someone else appreciate that.

Listen to the client they give you the best advice for more clients

When I started my business I use to ask for Referrals

It works

You get more clients

You make more money

But there’s more to it that I missed and I wish I could have learned this before

Don’t just ask for referrals

Ask for more problems and frustrations that the client face

When you ask your clients about their problems and frustrations

They will give you the best advice and pain points that you can use to approach more clients

Here’s an example

I asked one of my clients why you cancel the contract with the other agency and hired me.

The answer was simple yet so powerful that it helped me retain my clients for months and years

Answer: Because they had all these automated replies and reporting and they wouldn’t give me time to talk to them.

So by listing to the client I learned that I can lose clients if my communication is not effective or I have all these software doing the reporting and sending the clients automated reports with nothing to explain.

This way I started to be more personalized which helped me retain my clients for months and years.

If there’s one client for your services there will be 50 or hundred more

Here are some questions that you can ask your clients

  • How we can improve our services to serve you better?
  • Why did you choose us over someone else?
  • Why did you fire your previous service provider? (If there’s any)
  • What are your most important goals for this year?
  • How could my team improve communication with your team?

Your client can help you in marketing your services

I learned this trick in Copywriting Secrets book

The author Jim Edwards talks about finding products on Amazon and reading their reviews for copywriting ideas

This works like a charm

You can try it yourself

If you are a dentist go to a dentist’s website and read their patient’s reviews

The wording that a patient with teeth problems says you can use that wording in your ads, banners, and in your copy for the landing pages.

If you are an attorney

Listen to your clients and the words and language they speak

Use those words in your marketing campaigns

This can help you in marketing your services because you’re gonna speak the client’s language.

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