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Before You Spend Another Dollar On The Marketing

Before You Spend Another Dollar On The Marketing

I had a marketing strategy call with one of my client last 19 November 2021. He spent a few thousand dollars here and there on marketing his business but couldn’t get consistent results.

Somedays were good some bad

He said: (I don’t know what should I do I’m overspending on ads should I stop or should I keep going?)

So I asked him the following questions

Question #1: What’s your marketing channel

He said hmm, I’m spending some $$ on Google ads and paying for some ads on Yelp

Question #2: What’s % of clients coming from Yelp and Google?

He said I’ve no idea I don’t know how to track that.

The moment he said that

I was like (I got the answer)

There might be some other problems will look into that later but for now, I know what’s missing

Before you spend another dollar on marketing do the following things:

#1 Know your target audience

There are two things you can do to know your best audience

Option #1:

If you are getting started and have zero customers

Start with people you know if you don’t know anyone it’s okay we’re not living in 1980 anymore

Go to Facebook groups, or connect with people on LinkedIn that you think might be a good fit

Talk to them share your idea with them and see what they think.

Option #2:

If you already have a few customers

Look at your most profitable customers

  • People who spend the most money with you
  • Recommend you the most
  • Appreciate your work

There are many more of them out there go find them

#2 Know their pain

Every customer has some sort of problem that’s why they buy what they buy

For example: Why do you go to a dentist?

Probably one of the following reasons

  • Toothache
  • Bad breath
  • Cracked or broken teeth

am I right?

Talk to your customers and identify the root cause of buying your product/service

Once you know that pain

Use it in your ads, copy, and landing page, and in your messaging

#3 Track your data

Remember the story I told about my client?

That client had a problem with tracking the data and knowing which channel, campaign, or landing page is generating the most results at a good ROI.

Tracking is one of the most important aspects of your marketing

If you don’t know where your customers are coming from and at what cost?

You will always be overspending and most of the time losing money

So before spending your marketing dollars

Make sure you have a proper tracking system in place to know where your target customers are coming from and how much money you are paying for each visitor to become a customer.

Here are a few resources that can help you with tracking

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