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SEO Shouldn’t Stop You From Growing Your Business

SEO Shouldn’t Stop You From Growing Your Business

Advice that I gave to Jeremy a buddy of mine 3 months ago made him more than $16k since then

Jeremy is a business consultant

We were on a zoom call just to catch up we usually do it

I was enjoying my Pasta and having a conversation with him.

I ask him how’s business.

He started explaining what he is doing and how he tried SEO and some other stuff but it didn’t work out

and I asked him, What now?

He said: I don’t have funds for SEO anymore I’m gonna have to spend a few thousand to see some good results, for now, that’s what stopping my business to grow.

I said: SEO shouldn’t stop you from growing your business.

He said: Muhammad, what do you think?

So I gave him this advice that I’m gonna share with you

First of all, let me clarify something for you

If you think SEO is the only way to grow your business. It’s Not

You can grow your business without doing SEO and still get an unlimited amount of clients

However, You need to plan for SEO and do it because in long term it pays the best ROI.

But if you are in a position like my friend Jeremy you have spent some money on SEO but you can’t do it to grow more or wait for long-term results.

Then you need to take advantage of Social media

It could be any social media channel depending on your business

  • Facebook
  • Youtube
  • Instagram

You can pick any of them and start using it

like Jordan Belfort in wolf of wall street says

Jordan Belfort Wolf

” See these little black boxes. They are called Telephones. I’m gonna let you on a secret about these telephones. Without you, they are just worthless hunks of plastic “

Social media is also worthless if you are not utilizing it for your business

Let me show you a few examples of businesses that build on Social media

#1 Plumberparts:

James builds a huge Youtube channel by teaching plumbing tips and tricks. He monetizes his audience to sell products on Amazon.

#2 Hairstyles By Eden

This is another example of a business built solely on Youtube they sell products and Beauty salon services.

#3 Green Pro Clean

Darren runs a Youtube channel about Window cleaning and also owns a Window cleaning company

I can name a thousand more businesses from almost every industry that doesn’t even have a website and get all of their business from either Youtube, Facebook, or Instagram.

And to publish content on Social media you just need to create good content you don’t need to master SEO or pay thousands of dollars to SEO agencies.

Now the question is how to grow on social media.

Here’s the simplest answer I can give you

Every time you interact with your clients the questions they ask about your product or services write them down.

Create content answering those questions in either text, image, or video format.

Tip: ( Test all the formats find out the one that works best and double down on it )

Post the content on Social media

Be consistent

That’s it

Here are a few tools and Resources

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