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Your Marketing Is Failing Because Of This

Your Marketing Is Failing Because Of This

You probably open this because your marketing is failing

I’ve been there

I know how it feels when you are spending thousands of $$ on your marketing with a complete failure

A few years back when I started marketing

I had this amazing idea I wanted to market and change the world

I thought if I can put it out there in front of my target audience

I’ll become a money-making machine where I put 1 dollar and print 2 more


It turns out to be a complete disaster

Failed marketing

Not even 1 customer

There are a lot of lessons learned at that time

and one of them is understanding the difference between Brand Marketing and Direct Response Marketing.

The simple way to understand both of these Marketing types is

One is Attracting and the other one is Interrupting

For example:

I have a MacBook pro I bought it because I was attracted to it

Not because I was getting cold calls to buy a Macbook pro.

Companies like Apple, Ferrari, or Lamborghini do brand marketing which attracts people to buy it

Why I failed at marketing my service?

Because at that time I did not understand what Brand marketing and Direct marketing meant

so I failed miserably

However, I learned my lesson which I’m glad about because It allows me to make more money now and by sharing my failures with others I can save people time and money.

My lessons that will save you from marketing failure

I failed lost money and time learned my lesson now sharing with you. To save yourself from marketing failure.

Lesson #1 ( Attract and Sell )

We don’t have big budgets like fortune top companies so we can’t solely rely on Brand marketing and wait for people to be attracted to our products and services.

Remember Brand marketing is a long-term game it doesn’t give you instant results, nor the metrics are measurable.

So we need to do a mix of both, to begin with

For example:

If you are running a gym trainer the best way to do a mix of both is to write an ebook or create some videos that can attract people to your funnel

and then offer them your training programs

So you attract and sell in the minimum amount of time

You do not wait for someone to be attracted and buy your training after a year or two.

Lesson #2 ( Test your product/service with the organic audience )

I failed my marketing campaign because I never asked anyone about my product


I just finalized everything and started driving traffic to it

Before you plan to start the paid ads make sure to first validate your product

and you can do it without any paid advertising

  • Post it on Facebook
  • Post on Reddit
  • Ask your friends
  • Send an email

Talk to the people first and see what they think about it

or how it can be improved

This will give you a massive advantage when you know who would want to buy your product

If you like to waste your money

You can play the guessing game and create a landing page and start driving traffic to it.

Here are a few tools and Resources

Before You Spend Another Dollar On The Marketing

SEO Shouldn’t Stop You From Growing Your Business

How to validate a business idea by Noah Kagan

Brand Strategy Examples

Direct Response Marketing

Muhammad Hayat

Muhammad Hayat

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