Web Design Client Brendan McCauley

I worked with Brendan McCauley on a project for his course website. Including the web design there was some custom work as well in WordPress. Glad to be working with someone like Brendan.

Web Design & Social Media Client Sebastien Chanel

I worked with Sebastien Chanel as a Web designer, Funnel builder and Social media Marketer for his Fitness training product. I created an Ecommerce website for him as well as a Funnel for his product and did social media marketing. He was really happy with the work i did for him it was a big project and i have taken care if of everything after completing the project Sebastien created a Testimonial video for him about his experience working with me.

Web Design & Social Media Client KC Chow

I worked with KC Chow for his Consulting website, Personal branding on Social media and Facebook ads. It was pleasure working with KC Chow he is an incredible person and one of the top email marketer from Australia. After completing our project he created a testimonial video for me about his experience working with me.


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